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We like to think of Fido Merchant Services as your single partner for all your online and offline payment requirements. That’s because we offer a whole array of solutions to businesses-payment problems, and as we do it in a secure way, our clients can be assured that they are compliant with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

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Advanced Bespoke Online Payment Solutions

Welcome to the Fido Merchant Services website, where you’ll find insights into the commercial benefits of choosing our suite of business account options and complementary payment solutions.

Established in 2020 by an experienced team of successful financiers, our products enable clients to manage their online transactions quickly, effectively and affordably. By using our cost-effective, scalable and secure solutions, your business can improve conversion rates, encourage loyalty and prevent fraud.


Fully compliant and highly secure, the Fido Merchant Services platform has been deliberately devised to provide contemporary retailers, traders and networks who recognise the importance of partnering with equally dynamic organisations. The Fido Merchant Services proposition is underpinned by a rapid decision-making process and a genuinely agile business ethos, plus a flexible pricing structure that gives our clients a vital competitive edge. 

Wide Range of Modern Payment Options 

Our superb range of modern payment methods lets you steal a march on your competition. Whether you’re selling products online or have a service that you are taking online bookings for, our solutions streamline your operation and make it more profitable. If you’re engaged in online or mobile gaming, casinos or apps, we can offer fully compliant payment gateway solutions to cater to everything from micropayments to high stakes betting.

Are you looking to elevate your brick and mortar retail business to an offline/online hybrid to maximise profits and expand your reach? We can provide the tools you need, all compliant with the latest security standards. Your website doesn’t have to be a shop front – we can help you to make it a shop.


How about setting up recurring payments so customers can subscribe to your products and services? We’ve got that covered. Welcome to a steady stream of revenue, with loyal customers helping to make your business grow.

Do you want to give your employees prepaid cards for when they are travelling? Or offer branded cards to customers to enhance loyalty? We can make all that happen. How about expanding your payment providers from MasterCard and Visa to encompass new providers and crypto? Again, we’ve got the expertise.

And you can be sure that when new ideas and technologies come along, you’ll be at the spearhead, because that’s where we’ll be too.

Farewell to Complex Travel Payment Solutions 

Secure, Modern Payments for Savvy Retailers 

Integrate Our Payment Solutions With Your Business 

Bespoke Forex & Trading Payment Solutions

Safe Online Transactions for Specialist Sectors