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We like to think of Fido Merchant Services as your single partner for all your online and offline payment requirements. That’s because we offer a whole array of solutions to businesses-payment problems, and as we do it in a secure way, our clients can be assured that they are compliant with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

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Safe Online Transactions for Specialist Sectors 

Who could have predicted how enormous online gaming and casinos would have become in the early days of the internet? These multi-billion-pound industries are undoubtedly among the online world’s success stories, but that could only happen with strict regulation, bulletproof security and 100% trust among punters.

 So, if you are operating an online gambling or gaming business, or are planning to launch one, you’ll already appreciate the importance of having a trusted partner to process your payments and minimise your costs.

 Fido Merchant Services will link you with an independent acquiring bank, you’ll have a provider that will ensure your stream of cash is coming in, and your pay-outs are confirmed, correct and on time, just as your customer’s demand. 

Make the most of…

Secure Online Payments for Players 

It doesn’t matter if your customers are betting thousands on poker or football matches or making micro-payments for online games. They expect security and speed, as timely payments could be the difference between winning and losing. Fido’s expertise in payment gateways ensures both demands are met. We have the technology and the regulatory compliance to give peace of mind, speed and accuracy with every transaction. 


But it’s not just customers who need to be kept happy. The regulators will also be paying close attention to your business. Again, we deliver. From some of the industry’s strictest fraud protection to PCI DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance, we are regulator-friendly, and happily so. We don’t obey the rules to stay out of trouble – we exceed them to keep our clients and your customers safe and secure. Your bottom line depends on it. 

End to End Security 

Security is non-negotiable in this industry. The regulators require it. The players insist on it. The gaming companies demand it. We provide it. When a customer places a bet, they need absolute certainty that their payment or card details are not going to fall into the wrong hands. That’s why we provide security that’s end to end. 


There are no loopholes and no vulnerabilities, and if ever the industry or our analysts recognise even the potential for a flaw, we jump on it. So from the gamer tapping in their details, to the payment gateway being activated, to your business withdrawing your profits, we’ve got you covered.

We can be sure of this because we study the specifics of every industry we enter. Not all payments are the same, and not all sectors are the same. We made sure the habits and expectations of players and gaming businesses have been fully understood before we entered it. And we also analysed the unique risks and responsibilities that the gaming and casino industry throws up. We’ve got you covered. 

Innovative payment solutions 

Why do gaming and casino companies use Fido as their payment gateway and merchant service? It’s because they know we’ve got all bases covered, from security and cost-effectiveness to providing innovative ways of making their businesses run more smoothly and profitably.

We understand your needs just as you understand your customers?. And we’re always looking for new ways to make things even better in this ever-changing, security-critical sector.